KPK Art Consulting draws upon its connections in the European and US art worlds, including London, Berlin, New York, and Maine, to find the right piece of art to complement a client's artistic interests, budget, décor, and space requirements.

Starting with a consultation, KPK Art Consulting determines alongside the client, what style, budget and medium fits with the clients interests. KPK Art Consulting then searches the art markets including art fairs, artist's studios, and galleries to find a selection of pieces that have the potential to meet the client's requirements.

A presentation of the initial findings follows and the client can narrow down their search based on these pieces. KPK Art Consulting can also advise on finding the right frame that will protect and complement the art, as well as hanging the art.

A recent example is a client who wanted a photograph for their living room. The client stated that they wanted "a landscape, but with a twist", not a traditional landscape photograph. KPK Art Consulting identified and presented fifteen options to the client and they fell in love with two photograph collages of imaginary forest scenes. The photographs were in Amsterdam and KPK Art Consulting arranged the shipping and installation of the photographs in the client's home.